At the time of the duchy of Charles III of Bourbon Parma (1849-1854) the Nobles' Lodge, designed almost a century earlier by Petitot for the court of Philip of Bourbon, was converted into the Duke's private residence. The room in which we find ourselves was then used as a Salon de Compagnie and was probably covered with the wooden roof that we see now.
The room is entitled with the name of the painter and engraver from Parma, Paolo Toschi (1788-1854). Under the guidance of Biagio Martini the young artist studied Renaissance art without, however, neglecting his studies of contemporary European artistic culture. In continuing his training, Toschi concentrated his interest on three different cultural areas: the Italian Renaissance, with particular attention to Parmigianino, Dutch painting and French neoclassicism.
His adherence, with increasing conviction, to the poetic concept of David grew deeper during his apprenticeship in Paris at the school of Bervic (1809-1819). On his return to Italy, Toschi was appointed by Maria Luigia to direct the Academy of Fine Arts and supervise all the artistic activity of Parma. In this position he was able to influence the penetration in Parma of the French artistic culture, as can be seen clearly in the works of urban design and architecture of the city.
In the works of his mature period, we can discern some interest for the romantic vein that may be related to his friendships with Hayez, Leopardi and Felice Le Monnier. The most complex work of his later years was the engraving of the great Parmesan pictorial cycles of Correggio and Parmigianino.
In addition to his many drawings, engravings and paintings, the Toschi Room also contains works by the major painters of the 19th century in Parma, and an interesting series of portraits of Charles III of Bourbon Parma and his family.



F. Gèrard - Head of
F. Ravaillac - study
A. Pasini -
Oriental players
G. Molteni - portrait of Paolo Toschi



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