This room is entirely devoted to Ennemond Alexandre Petitot (1727-1801), the great French architect who performed most of his work for the Bourbon court of Parma and who was one of the main influences in the passage of the artistic culture of the city from Rococo to Neoclassicism. He was a temperamental artist, eclectic and at the same time austere, who was able to give his work a profound poetic unity amid the variety of ideas from which he drew.
He was born in Lyons in 1727 and attended the Academy of Architecture in Paris. In 1746 he began to attend the French Academy in Rome but was called back from Rome in 1753 by Minister Du Tillot to take over the prestigious position of Architect of the Duchy and instructor at the newly opened Academy of Fine Arts. His first works were for Palazzo Ducale di Colorno and the Giardino Ducale di Parma.
From 1759 to 1760 his activity was particularly intense, both in the arrangements for the marriage of Isabelle of Bourbon, daughter of Duke Philip, with the Archduke Joseph of Hapsburg, and in the restructuring of Piazza Grande with the reconstruction of St. Peter's church. In the Sixties he worked on the restructuring of the Nobles' Lodge in the Reserve Palace, as well as on the High Road, studies on aqueducts, plans for reconstruction of Palazzo Ducale, restructuring of Palazzo del Giardino and the Ministry building and Palatine Library. In 1769 he organized the festivities and decorations for the marriage of Duke Ferdinand of Bourbon with Maria Amalia of Hapsburg. In 1771 he designed the series of ten tables entitled "Mascarade Ó la Grecque" that are exhibited here in their entirety.
After the fall of Minister Du Tillot, Petitot left to his students the performance of the court commissions, but continued his participation in the activities of the Academy. He died in Parma in 1801.



E. A. Petitot
Petitot’s visiting card
E. A. Petitot - Mascarade Ó la greque, The Bride E. A. Petitot - Fašade of the Nobles' Lodge
E. A. Petitot - Areostat    




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