The last room of the Museum contains a variety of exhibits that testify to the great complexity of the human and historical events in which the life of Maria Luigia was involved.
On the one hand, in fact, we find images that tell the story of several crucial moments in the dramatic epoch of Napoleon's rise and fall, that came like a whirlwind into the quiet life of the young Austrian princess, projecting her into the heart of the great events that marked the history of all Europe at the beginning of the 19th century.
On the other, we can see objects that speak of pastimes, of little hobbies, amusements that filled the "leisure time" of the empress of the French and later duchess of Parma. Fishing, painting, embroidery, making and arranging flowers of fabric or paper, exchanges of letters with her loved ones, the care of her beloved lapdogs: pastimes that were "bourgeois", common to the daily ménage of most of the women of a certain rank at that time.
On the one hand, therefore, the grandiose celebration of Napoleon's glory, experienced only in part and for a brief period of time by Maria Luigia; and on the other the "modest", but precious relics of the daily activities that kept the sovereign company all her life.
Particularly interesting, among these intimate objects, are the watercolor landscapes painted by Maria Luigia herself: they are quiet, discrete images that speak of the consolations of nature, far away from the impetus and disturbance of the larger world, very different from the concepts of at least part of the great landscape painters of her time.



after V. Adam - Apotheosis of Napoleon Sewing and embroider box belonging to Maria Luigia Maria Luigia (?) - View of Persenbeug
G. Naudin - Griffon, Maria Luigia's dog    




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