This room is characterized by the presence of a number of extremely touching personal objects: the elegant dress made in Italy in about 1830 for the Duchess Maria Luigia, later probably adapted to fit her daughter Albertina; the refined shawl in embroidered silk made in China and presented to the Empress Maria Luigia in 1810 by the Emperor of China; the boat-shaped bed made in Italy in the first half of the 19th century, from the Duke's Palace in Parma (no longer standing) which may have belonged to the Duchess; the carpet in black fabric with embroidered decorations in Chinese silk, perhaps made by Maria Luigia herself.
Alongside these important examples of the taste of the early 19th century in apparel, furniture and accessories, we find a series of portraits of the members of Maria Luigia's family; first her children: Napoleon Francesco duke of Reichstadt, fathered by Bonaparte, Albertina and Guglielmo counts of Montenuovo, born during her affair with count Adam Albrecht of Neipperg, as well as portraits of Neipperg himself and count Charles-René of Bombelles, her second and third husbands, respectively. With them we find the portrait of Franz I the emperor of Austria, father of Maria Luigia, accompanied by other members of the Hapsburg family; finally, the ladies of the court and companions of the duchess and her private servants.
This is, as we can see, a room of affections, with personal objects, pictures of family members and loved ones. The characteristics of most of the portraits, often watercolors, rather small in size and lacking in official austerity give the room an intimate aspect, full of affection and far from the sumptuous look of the great imperial halls, with a more bourgeois "decorum" altogether.



J. B. Isabey - Maria Luigia in bed at the Tuileries after the birth of the king of Rome Evening gown in silk with silver embroidery (Italia 1825-1830) after T. Lawrence
Portrait of the king of Rome
Cabinet maker of the first quarter of the XIX century
Bed “en bateau” from the Ducal Palace


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